Chimera and Godspawn


The Odds

Approximately 1 out of 1000 babies will be born with some form of special power or physical mutation. These children are known as Godspawn. Godspawn are holy to the Gods, and are not to be harmed. They are also too holy to be part of every day society, and so must be removed from daily life.


Centuries ago, “removing from daily life” meant that Godspawn were taken outside the edges of town, and “left to the Gods’ care” (i.e., left to die). Over time, however, enough Godspawn survived this process that they began to form small settlements. Once these settlements -called Spawnhomes - were established, the custom changed to be that a newborn Godspawn must be delivered to the nearest Spawnhome, where it will be raised by other Godspawn.

Nothing binds Godspawn to stay in their Spawnhome. In fact, young Spawn often take a pilgrimage out of the Spawnhome to try to rejoin society. However, the status of a Godspawn ouside the Spawnhome is “too holy harm, but also too holy to talk to, help, trade with, or feed.” This leads to the Spawn wandering through cities or villages like a ghost, taking whatever they want, but being completely alone.

This status can lead to a disaffected and powerful Godspawn becoming a danger to normal society. In this case, there are special clerics who are holy enough to deal with the Spawn directly. They will negotiate with dangerous Spawn with the objective of returning them to a Spawnhome, or in dire cases, deputize a group of citizens to attack the Godspawn.


Godspawn capabilities vary wildly, but include such powers as shooing lightning, glowing in the dark, freezing water with a touch, etc. Common physical characteristics include spines, prehensile or striking tails, functional wings, claws, horns, extra eyes, and strange coloration (e.g., blue hair and purple skin).


Powers and mutations are not limited to sapient beings. Every species of animal on Quadarc is known to have had offspring with capabilities similar to those evinced by Godspawn. However, non-sapient mutations — called chimera — are not considered holy. Harmless or attractive chimera may be considered mere curiosities, and kept as pets. Most, however, are considered abomination, and terminated with prejudice.

Deep thinkers of the modern age believe that the Imbued Races (Odonti, Pantroglids, Gorrillan, etc) were the result of breeding chimeric local animals for increased intelligence. Others think that the Pharmakine might have been created through a similar process.

Chimera and Godspawn

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