Gods of Quadarc

The Primarchs

Angkidu – The Reaper PD3_SetIcon.png

  • Elements (DF5): Darkness, Death, Peace
  • Realms (DF7): Death, Night (Good)
  • Language: Dirge of the Reaper
  • Aspect: A gaunt, shadowy figure in black robes
  • Bailiwick: The Wastelands, The Necropolis of Angkidis, Pools of Final End
  • Demeanor: Doleful, Somber, Implacable
  • Progeny: Hadragor (by Emethyn)
  • Favored Races: None

Altabrax – The Healer MOR_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: Healing, Endurance, Harvest
  • Elements (DF5): Life, Order, Peace
  • Realms (DF7): Healing, Agriculture (Good)
  • Language: Canticle of Hope
  • Aspect: A handsome, radiant woman in a shining white gown
  • Bailiwick: Altabris
  • Demeanor: Haughty, Fervent, Confident,
  • Progeny: Xephilessa (by Perciphron), Vessani (by Molmet)
  • Favored Races: Tardigrades, Sephaloi

Elmethyn – The Evolver DD2_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: Mutation, Evolution
  • Elements (DF5): Chaos, Nature, War
  • Realms (DF7): The Hunt, War (Nature)
  • Language: The Change Fugue
  • Aspect: A beautiful young woman with twinkling, mismatched eyes
  • Bailiwick: The Forest of Change
  • Demeanor: Mischievous, Mercurial, Mysterious
  • Progeny: Nugritu (by Perciphron), Hadragor (by Ankidu)
  • Favored Races: Calkex, Godspawn, Undead, Leviathan, Krathu

Perciphron – The Tempest TEM_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: Weather, The Sea, Lightning
  • Elements (DF5): Air, Travel, Water
  • Realms (DF7): Storm, Sea (Good)
  • Language: The Thunder-squall Chanty
  • Aspect: A handsome, dark-haired pirate, leaning into the storm
  • Bailiwick: The Sea, Xantis by the Sea
  • Demeanor: Charismatic, Brash, Dashing
  • Progeny: Nugritu (by Elmethyn), Xephilessa (by Altabrax)
  • Favored Races: Tardigrades, Odonti

Karhadris – The Mason RAV_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: Stone, The Desert, Building
  • Elements (DF5): Earth, Nature, Order
  • Realms (DF7): Earth, Artificer (Good)
  • Language: The Stone Oration
  • Aspect: A tall, strong workman
  • Bailiwick: The Canyon of Karhadris
  • Demeanor: Stoic, Industrious, Unyielding
  • Progeny: Onegaro (with Molmet by Olivoleth)
  • Favored Races: Calkex, Reptalox

Olivoleth – The Historian WTH_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: History, Memory, Philosophy
  • Elements (DF5): Good, Peace, Wisdom
  • Realms (DF7): Agriculture, City (Good)
  • Language: Hymn to Memory
  • Aspect: An ageless woman with deep, knowing eyes in a grey robe and shawl
  • Bailiwick: Olivolis, the Hives
  • Demeanor: Gentle, Contemplative, Knowing
  • Progeny: Onegaro (by Karhadris and Molmet), Formalath (by Invocheya)
  • Favored Races: Myrmyx

Invocheya – The Speaker THS_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: Speech, Writing, Visions
  • Elements (DF5): Air, Light, Wisdom
  • Realms (DF7): Messengers, Artificer (Nature)
  • Language: The Edict of the Lone Voice
  • Aspect: A striking, dark-eyed, woman, in a midnight blue gown
  • Bailiwick: None
  • Demeanor: Stern, Imperious, Haughty
  • Progeny: Felarin (by Perciphron), Formalath (by Olivoleth)
  • Favored Races: Men

Molmet – The Burner PD2_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: Fire, Energy, Heat
  • Elements (DF5): Chaos, Fire, Light
  • Realms (DF7): Fire, Sun (Nature)
  • Language: Firespeech
  • Aspect: A muscular maniac, stripped to the waist and wreathed in flame
  • Bailiwick: The Molten Mountains
  • Demeanor: Wild, Vengeful, Impulsive
  • Progeny: Vessani (by Altrabrax)
  • Favored Races: Gorillan

The Progeny

Hadragor – The DefilerARC_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: Undeath, Mutation
  • Elements (DF5): Death, Disease, Fear
  • Realms (DF7): Death, War (Evil)
  • Parents: Ankidu + Elmethyn
  • Language: Defiler’s Cant
  • Aspect: Slender, dark-eyed man with long, black hair in a purple cloak
  • Bailiwick: Hadragoris
  • Demeanor: Scheming, Hateful, Sadistic
  • Favored Races: Vampires, Undead

Onegaro – The Smith ATQ_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: Creation, Metalwork, Enchantment
  • Elements (DF5): Earth, Fire, War
  • Realms (DF7): Artificer, Fire (Good)
  • Parents: Karhadris + Olivoleth
  • Language: Hammersong
  • Aspect: A stout, barrel-chested bald man with a thick, red beard, wearing a leather apron
  • Bailiwick: The Forge Caves
  • Demeanor: Zealous, Lusty, Industrious
  • Favored Races: Pantroglid

Nugriitu – The Devourer PLS_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: The Ocean, Leviathans, Bridge to the Outer Gods
  • Elements (DF5): Darkness, Evil, Water
  • Realms (DF7): Sea, The Hunt (Evil)
  • Parents: Perciphron + Elmethyn
  • Language: Call of the Dark Ocean
  • Aspect: A great behemoth, rising from the darkest depths of the sea
  • Bailiwick: Benthic Ocean, Polar Wastes, Sea of Dragons
  • Demeanor: Mindless, Consuming, Unknowable
  • Favored Races: Kethu

Xephilessa – The Healing Wind PC2_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: Health, Whimsy
  • Elements (DF5): Air, Good, Life
  • Realms (DF7): Healing, Sun (Agriculture)
  • Parents: Perciphron + Altabrax
  • Language: Silk-breeze Aria
  • Aspect: A flaxen-haired child in a white dress, with flowers in her hair
  • Bailiwick: Xephlessis
  • Demeanor: Carefree, Loving, Irrepressible
  • Favored Races: Chirates, Sephaloi

Vessani – The Seducer DDN_SetSymbol.png

  • Domains: Sex, Passion, Emotion
  • Elements (DF5): Beauty, Deception, Life
  • Realms (DF7): Love, Night (Nature)
  • Parents: Molmet + Altabrax
  • Language: Whisper of the Heated Blood
  • Aspect: A ravishing, sloe-eyed beauty, clad only in the sheets from her bed
  • Bailiwick: Vessanis
  • Demeanor: Passionate, Carnal, Seductive
  • Favored Races: None

Formalath – The Seer FUT_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: The Future, Maps, Prophecy
  • Elements (DF5): Order, Travel, Wisdom
  • Realms (DF7): City, Messengers (Nature)
  • Parents: Olivoleth + Invocheya
  • Language: The Dialectic
  • Aspect: A dead-eyed waif, half-submerged in a shimmering pool, droning endlessly
  • Bailiwick: The Tower of Stillness
  • Demeanor: Remote, Incomprehensible, Uncaring
  • Favored Races: None

Felarin – The Deceiver MMQ_SetIcon.png

  • Domains: Lies, Illusion, Misdirection
  • Elements (DF5): Darkness, Deception, Fear
  • Realms (DF7): Night, Messenger (Evil)
  • Parents: Perciphron + Invocheya
  • Language: Tongue of Lies
  • Aspect: A beautiful man youth with long hair and violet eye, wearing a black tunic
  • Bailiwick: None
  • Demeanor: Accommodating, Pleasant, Playful
  • Favored Races: Men

Other Gods and Religions

The Outer Gods

The Outer Gods are dark, evil beings that live beyond Quadarc and the realms of its Gods. The Outer Gods wish to invade Quadarc and enslave its peoples, but the Gods of Quadarc keep constant vigil to keep Quadarcans safe from their depredations. There are rumors that Minions of the Outer Gods have occasionally made it to Quadarc, but have been dispatched by the Gods or their champions.

One of the Gods of Quadarc, Nugritu, has been corrupted by the Outer Gods, and is their agent. He was imprisioned beneath the ocean to keep him from contacting the Outer Gods, but continues to try to contact them through the creatures of the ocean.

Some humans are known to worship Outer Gods. They may be unwitting dupes and agents of the Outer Gods, or they may have full knowledge of their deities. Knowingly or unknowingly, they seek to subvert the will of the Gods, and bring the Outer Gods to Quadarc. Worshipers of the Outer Gods are typically closely aligned with Nugritu and/or the Kethu.

(Similar to Mythos Cultists)

The Disciples of Transcendent Oneness

The Disciples are Quadarc’s only Monotheists. They believe in the Trancedent Oneness, a single being beyond time and space that represents true perfection in all ways: spiritual, moral, and metaphysical. Disciples tend to be ascetics, eschewing the world of flesh in attempt to trancend and join the Oneness.

Disciples believe the Gods to be material beings of Quadarc masquerading as Gods. As such, they are believed to be fundamentally evil.

(Similar to Neo-Platonic Gnostic Mystics)

Children of the Spiral Arc

Children of the Spiral Arc worship the Universe. They try to sublimate daily cares and troubles Universe, and attempt to lose their individuality in meditation of the Cosmos. They see the Divine in the movement of the Celestial Spheres, and are known to be able to predict the future from the positions of the stars.

They believe that the Gods of Quadarc are Divine, but still just part of the Universe, and thus relatively unimportant in the overall scheme of things.

The Children live in monastic communes, and tend to be studious and strange.

(Similar to Zen Buddhists)


Gatewatchers believe that the Gatewalkers will return one day, and bring about a Great Second Age of Men. They seek to bring about that age by attempting to rebuild the Great Gates. They collect information of the earlier times, and fund adventurers to find fragments of the Gates.

Gatewatchers tend to be either wealthy Men and Women who keep their faith a secret from most Quadarcans, or wanderers and missionaries paid by them to actively seek out Gate Knowledge.

Gatewatchers believe that the Gods of Quadarc are actually powerful Gatewalkers, left behind in the Gatebreaking, who have divided Quadarc up among themselves. The second coming of the Gatewalkers would free the Men of Quadarc from their tyranny.

Gatewatchers are generally intolerant of other races (Pantroglids, Tardigrades, etc), and want them either enslaved or extinguished.

(Similar to Christian Evangelicals)


Endbringers believe that the Gijgihale was supposed to be the End of Everything, but that something went awry. In their doctrine, all life from that point forward is an abomination. Endrbringers want to bring about the End by harnessing the secrets of the Pools of Final End, and wipe all life from the face of the earth.

(Nihilistic Death Cult)

Gods of Quadarc

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