History of Quadarc

History of Quararc

The Arrival of the Gatewalkers

The Gatewalkers were a near-divine race of Mages and Artificers from another world called Serath. From Serath, the Gatewalkers used their magic and skill to create create the Great Gates. These magical portals had one half on Serath, and the other on Quadarc. Once the Gates were complete, the Gatewalkers walked came to Quadarc in great numbers and took control of the entire plane.

The 3 Kingdoms

Their were originally three tribes of Gatewalkers. Each took control of one of the three continents of Quadarc. Initially, each tribe ruled its continent as a kingdom in isolation. In this time of peace, the Three Kingdoms were:

The Kingdom of Bright Progress

Continent: Normanu
Language: Armindic
Culture: Highly individualistic, driven by profit, believe that humanity is perfectible

Empire of the Crimson Star

Continent: Nuhachin
Language: Minadrish
Culture: Value community and harmony, value family, ancestry, and progeny, believe humanity is static

Tribe of the Crescent

Continent: Kalfalin
Language: Kalaradrin
Culture: Tribal, warlike, nomadic.

The Triangle Wars and The Imbuements

Peace could not last forever. Within 500 years of arriving on Quadarc, the 3 Kingdoms began to fight with one another. Resource disputes, trade discrepancies, and personal grudges all became pretexts for war.

These wars became known as the Triangle Wars, because there were always 3 sides to any conflict. These wars simmered, flared up, and at times boiled over, for almost 2000 years. In that time, the mages and artificers of the 3 Kingdoms continually pushed the envelope of new weapons to use in these wars.

One of the most unique weapons upon which the Kingdoms developed in this arms race were the endowment of sapience on the native animals of Quadarc. This process of anthropomorphizing a native Quadarcan species became known as Imbiument. During these wars, all of the non-human Quadarc races were Imbued. (See Races of Quadarc

The Gijihale: End of All Things

After a multi-millenial thaumaturgical arms race, the generals and kings of the Three Kingdoms each wielded titanic magical energies. In a single battle, one offensive maneuver could sunder mountains, burn cities, and divert rivers, while the besieged might carve a new canyon, delve a sinkhole, or call down a dozen tornadoes in defense.

This outpouring of mana had consequences. The magic itself became uncontrollable, and raged outside the will of its original invokers. Even long after wars had ended, magical storms would scour the earth, killing everything in their path. All that would be left in the wake of these tempests was grey wasteland, whirling with fine dust and ash, but scraped free of all life.

The storms grew and power and frequency, and it was clear to the mages that the soon, these storms would be unending and consume every living thing in the world of Quardarc. This was the Gijihale, The End of All Things, and even the greatest minds of the Three Kingdoms were not sure if it could be averted.

The Retreat and the Breaking of the Gates

With the coming of the Gijihale, most Gatewalkers thought there could only be one answer: Retreat. These Gatewalkers left all their possessions behind, and walked back through the Great Gates to Serath, never to be heard from again. Once the last of the retreating Gatewalkers were through the portals, the Gates were destroyed in their wake, leaving only charred fragments of the Gates behind on Quadarc (fragments the Gatewatchers seek with fervor).

The Abjuration

However, some of the greatest of the Gatewalkers felt an obligation to the native Quadarcan life, and the Imbued races that they had created. It was the aftermath of their petty wars that had begun the Gijihale. Unless they did something the magic storms would scour all life from the plane.

Thus, the most powerful mages, artificers, and thinkers of what was left of the 3 Kingdoms convened in the Bone Mountains of Noramnu, and hatched a plan for the absolute destruction of all magic in Quadarc: The Abjuration.

Following the plan, these wizard dispatched to all corners of the plane, purging all magical texts, killing rogue wizards, and gathering every powerful artifact they could. At the end of 3 years, the Council of Aburers reconvened and cast a great spell to destroy magic.

And it worked! Magic was disappeared from the land. No one could cast spells, and no one could create magical artifacts. And the magic storms that threatened the very of existence of the plane… just… stopped.

The Interregnum

For hundreds of years following the Abjuration, men worked side by side with the Imbued races (which retained their sapience, even with magic gone from the land). They rebuilt society, replanted land that had been scoured by the magic storms of the Gijihale, and lived without magic.

Without magic, the 3 Kingdoms fell into disarray, and ultimately crumbled away to nothing. Also, the wide distances over sea between the continents was too dangerous to be traversed without magic, so almost all interaction between the 3 continents ceased.

Men grew crops, built cities, and forgot most of the Gatewalker legacy. In the ruins of the shattered 3 Kingdoms, smaller principalities grew up, some pretended to the power and greatness of the long-lost 3 Kingdoms.


In the centuries of the Interregnum, it turned out that the citizens of Quadarc had not been alone. For, in the magical cataclysm of the Abjuration, the outpouring of energies had brought the 8 Primarchs of Quadarc — the Pantheon — into the plane (See Gods of Quadarc). For hundreds of years they actively watched Men and their Imbued progeny. They learned their languages, studied their customs, and picked favorites among their nations and leaders.

The Primarchs also had their own dealings with each other. They fought, traded secrets, and came together, giving birth to 8 more Gods, known as The Progeny.

Slowly, using their great and subtle powers, the Primarchs and the Progeny began to influence the world of Men. Within a few hundred years, the affairs of men were mere shadows of the affairs of the Gods. The fortunes of men, cities, and nations all rose and fell upon divine whims.

Men were not ignorant of this manipulation. They could sense larger forces at work in their lives. They correctly divined that these undercurrents were directed by deities, and began to name them, assigning their attributes and realms.

The Thearchy

Finally, almost 600 years after the Abjuration, these Gods revealed themselves to Man. Each God sent forth divine incorporation — called a Corpax — to build a city or kingdom in his or her image. These Corpa were material projections of the gods themselves on Quadarc. Corpa created Servitors, loyal men and women each endowed with superhuman powers to enforce the will of the Gods. This era became known as the Thearchy, Rule by Gods. During the Thearchy, many of the greatest works of Men were built by divinely inspired Servitors.

It was in this era that the Servitors taught devotees the Divine Tongues (See Language notes under Gods of Quadarc). These Languages – one for each God – allowed Humans and Pantroglids (and strangely, no other Races) to tap into the Divine Will, and manipulate the world with mere thought and speech.

War of the Outer Gods

124 years after the Dawn of the Thearchy, Quadarc was struck by a new Cataclysm. Dark entities from beyond the skies had noticed the outpouring of Divine power on Quadarc… and they became hungry.

These entities, now known as the Outer Gods, were first noticed by the God Mencinese, The Watcher of the Stars. Alone of the Gods, Mencinese lived in the Skies of Quadarc, and had no Corpax, no Servitor, and no Kingdom. And he was lonely. The Outer Gods spoke to him, seduced him, corrupted him, and made him hate the other Gods of the Pantheon. And in his rage, he Opened The Way to the Outer Gods. These demonic beings sent their own dark Avatars to Quadarc, and assaulted the kingdoms of the Thearchy. For four years, war raged upon Quadarc. At the climax of the War, Mencinese, now renamed Nugritu, was cast down from the heavens into the deep ocean, thus Closing The Way. Cut off from direct access to the Outer Gods, the Avatars of the Dark Gods, were no match for the Thearchy’s Corpa and Servitors.

In the wake of the War, the Gods withdrew from the surface of Quadarc. Their Corpa disappeared, and their Servitors lost most of their superhuman capabilities. And though the Holy Tongues still can affect the world through human will, their potence is much reduced.

The Gods no longer bend their divine power towards ruling Quadarc, but instead, keep an eternal vigil keeping it safe from the Outer Gods, who forever try to Open the Way, and rule the plane.

Present Day

Today, it is 3033 years since the first Gatewalkers arrive in Quadarc, and 306 years since the Thearchy ended in the aftermath of the War of the Outer Gods.

Even now, however the Pantheon holds sway in everyday life. Clerics of the Divine can work minor miracles by invoking the will of the Gods with the Holy Tongues, and every day people can pray for luck or wealth, by making sacrifices in their Votemes, small altars that consume sacrificial offerings.

Even secular pursuits pay Homage to the Gods, with most parts of society organized into a Corpa (See Society).

History of Quadarc

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