The Corpax

The Corpax (Body) is the fundamental unit of society in Quadarc (or at least on the continent of Noramnus).

Work, play, worship, and combat are each organized into a Corpax (plural Corpa), in honor of the avatars the Gods inhabited during the Thearchy. A Corpax is a combination of a Guild and a Corporation. Every organized profession from Bricklayer to Moneylender to Foot Soldier has a Corpax. Traditionally, Corpa are divided into the following sections according to strict ratios of members:

  • Capital: The Head - The temporal leadership. The Capital is where the generals, thinkers, money men, managers are.
  • Cordis: The Heart - The spiritual leadership. Every Corpax must have a cleric to provide spiritual guidance to the Capital
  • Bracchi: The Arms - The skilled workers. The Bracchi are the true guildsmen in a craft or the armed fighters in an army
  • Crucis: The Legs - The support staff. The Crucis sweep the floor, carry the wood, and do the rough work before handing it of to a Bracchis for a finer touch

The strictness of the ratios between parts derives from a religious conviction about the importance of wholeness and organization in opposition to the concepts of corruption (Hadragor), mutation (Elmethyn), and chaos (the Outer Gods). This leads to a somewhat impractical contention for roles within a Corpax, and baroque red tape when trying to expand a Corpax.

Hundreds of years of such inconveniences have lead to a number of strategies for growing the Corpax. These include:

  • Anatomizing: by subdividing the Corpa into smaller parts beyond the main 4 components, Capitals have been able to bend the rules about the ratios between components. For example, by adding “shoulders” (Pauldrus), to the arms, or “kneecaps” (Patellans) to the legs, new members can be added to one part of the Corpax without adding to the others, thus allowing the strict ratios can be bent
  • Fractalizing: By organizing each part as its own Corpax, the idea of wholeness can be acheived, even if there is an imbalance between parts. These Sub-Corpa can be further subdivided into more Sub-Corpa.
  • Spawning: Often, a new corpa can be formed by taking the “off-ratio” members from the various parts, and creating a child-Corpa. Child Corpa are sometimes the best members of the previous Corpa, but often, they are the worst members.

Corpax Titles

Corpax titles are typically semi-Latinate names for body parts. Parts that are physically higher or larger are typically more important or more powerful. Below are a few examples of titles from various parts

Capital Titles

  • Corona: Crown – the absolute ruler of an large organization
  • Cereb: Mind – the researchers or thinkers
  • Oculus: Eyes – forecasters of the organization’s future
  • Aurax: Ears – spies

Cordis Titles

  • Ventrix: Ventricle
  • Atrian: Atrium
  • Hemus: Blood
  • Venar: Vein

Bracchus Titles

  • Paldrus: Shoulder
  • Pugno: Fist
  • Cubito: Elbow
  • Carpax: Wrist

Crucis Titles

  • Femus: Thigh
  • Tibian: Shin
  • Patellan: Knee
  • Pesan: Foot

The Corpax

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